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M12M Hathaway Silicone Mask Make-up Series

M12M Hathaway Silicone Mask Make-up Series

$625.00 Regular Price
$562.50Sale Price

The Hathaway mask is specifically designed for larger male size head.

The mask also fit better for customers who don't have a feminine face shape.

The mask features ultra-realistic texture and a light pre-applied, high quality makeup.


Make-up Version: Want a beautiful and complete look without spending too much time? Choose the make-up version.

The Plus+ Version: features enhanced texture and re-sculpt of the original mask series.

M12Plus and M12M both come with implanted eyebrows,

hand planted eyebrow design, makes every eyebrow come alive.


Two sizes are now available

See gallery for comparison photo.

Check dimensions carefully for fit before order. (eye holes distance, etc)


Simple and fast to wear, for a quick transformation without need any adhesive.

For even better result you can consider using SFX glue

Pictures are for documentation purpose.

Each mask is handmade by our craftsmen: little differences in coloring or eyebrows are possible and make your product unique.


Check Gallery page for more model photos.

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