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M26SR - Doris Silicon Mask Normal Make-up Special Edition  Series

M26SR - Doris Silicon Mask Normal Make-up Special Edition Series

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M26SR - Doris Silicon Mask Normal Make-up Special Edition Series:


    Products Features:

    • Utilizing a more comfortable, form-fitting, ultra-soft silicone material, providing a dreamlike cross-dressing experience.
    • Incorporating a newly upgraded manual spraying technique, meticulously crafting every detail.
    • Synchronizing facial movements instantly with adhesive, showcasing a range of emotional expressions.


    Products Series:

    • M26+ Doris Make-up Plus+ Series
    • M26M Doris Make-up Series
    • M26M+ Doris Make-up Plus+ Series
    • M26G Doris - Office Lady Make-up Series
    • M26G+ Doris - Office Lady Make-up Plus+ Series
    • M26G2 Doris - Rose-red temptation Make-up Series
    • M26G2+ Doris - Rose-red temptation Make-up Plus+ Series
    • M26SR - Doris Silicon Mask Normal Make-up Special Edition  Series


    Two Style are now available: Full head, Full head with E cup breast.

    Two Size are now available: L/XL.

    Check dimensions carefully for fit before ordering.


    Product Specifications:

    • Brand: Dreammask
    • Product Name: Doris
    • Model Number: M26
    • Category: Simulation Series
    • Styles: Full head version, Breast version
    • Overall Thickness: 3mm-4mm
    • Weight:
    • Full head version approximately 500g
    • Breast version approximately 2200g
    • (There may be a 50g-150g difference due to different measurement methods)
    • Material: Food-grade platinum silicone
    • Softness: Soft and skin-friendly, highly stretchable. Advanced versions can smile with adhesive; special versions can synchronize facial movements with specialized adhesive, showcasing rich facial expressions.


    Material Characteristics:

    This product is made of food-grade platinum silicone, ensuring environmental safety without toxic or harmful substances. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, and has excellent flexibility, keeping its shape and color without deformation or yellowing over time. It has a long lifespan and is durable for sustained use.


    • Softness: 5/5
    • Product Stretch-ability: 5/5
    • Tear Resistance: 2.5/5
    • Seamless Exterior: √
    • Oil Control: No oiling issues
    • Enabling facial movements synchronous with specialized adhesive to showcase rich expressions
    • Target Audience: Individuals seeking a softer, more comfortable fit for longer wear times; players wanting to enjoy daytime street play or achieve realistic effects with specialized-level authenticity.


    Simple and fast to wear, for a quick cross-dressing without needing any adhesive.

    pictures are for documentation purposes.

    Each mask is handmade by our craftsmen: A few differences in coloring or eyebrows are possible and make your product unique.


    Check our gallery page for more model photos.

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