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EM01F Enigmask Fantasy Series: Blue Kiss

EM01F Enigmask Fantasy Series: Blue Kiss

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$183.60Sale Price

EM01F Enigmask Fantasy Series: Blue Kiss


Product Features:

Cool blue lips fashion makeup.

  • Breaks the conventional to reveal oneself, the blue lips bring a sense of avant-garde, paired with dragon claw lip studs for a more fashionable attitude.
  • Striking makeup: Blue lips with lip studs, a sense of aloofness overturns the ordinary.
  • Fashionable Personality: Bold colors display vitality, attracting attention with a strong presence.


Product Categories:

  • The Beauty of Minimalist: Easily achieves a natural-looking face
  • The Beauty of Bondage:: Focuses on control and constraint
  • The Beauty of Glitter: Emphasizes glamour and sexiness
  • Fantasy Series: A fashionable cosmetic series


There are many style are now available.

See the gallery for comparison photos.

Check dimensions carefully for fit before ordering.



    • Brand: Enigmask
    • Product Name: Fantasy Series - Blue Kiss
    • Item Number: EM01F
    • Category: Silicone half-face mask
    • Overall Thickness: 3mm-5mm
    • Product Dimensions: Circumference 23cm, Height 11cm
    • Weight: Net weight 67g
    • Package Dimensions: 17cm x 17cm x 10.5cm
    • Material: Food-grade platinum silicone
    • Softness: Relatively firm, good at shaping the face.
    • Product Extensibility: ★★★★☆
    • Tear Resistance: ★★★☆☆
    • Material Features: Eco-friendly and safe, non-toxic and harmless, resistance to high and low temperatures, good flexibility, not easy to deform or yellow, long lifespan


    Package includes:

    Mask X1, Back strap X1, Face support kits


    Brand Introduction:

    Originated by the Dreammask team in collaboration with AI technology, this original half-face mask design delves deeply into global diverse fashion trends.Integrating cinema-level makeup artistry with avant-garde design concepts and using platinum silicone materials, it ensures a comfortable fit, allowing for a free expression of individuality and aesthetics."Enigmask" transcends product boundaries to offer a novel fashion experience.


    *These photos shows the display of players trying on Enigmask when participating in fetish activities.

    Check Gallery page for more model photos.

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