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  • What's the main difference between Celesmask product masks and DMS, as well as Creafx , CFX, Immortalmask?"
    Classic Celes's mask products (SF) have an average thickness of 3 - 4mm (similar to CFX/Immortalmask, but some newer products will be 2mm thin such as the new SFN21/22), DMS's products have an average thickness 2 - 3mm, and Creafx's products have an average thickness of 2mm. The thinner the silicone mask the more flexible, natural and comfortable it could be. However the downside is that the final result will be very much depending on the wearer's own facial features, and less durable (need delicate care), so it's not for everyone. On the other hand, a thicker mask could withstand more abuse (still need care!) and last longer. More importantly, a thicker mask will depend less or none on the wearer's facial feature, thus more photogenic if your face is not very feminine-shaped. In the near future Celesmask has plan to develop both types of the masks to meet a wide range of demand.
  • How real can silicone female mask be?
    Generally speaking, the current development make some thin-mask very real, some users are actually able to walk on the street or shopping during night time without being too noticeable. The realness can reach it's full potential if SFX glue is applied, on the basis that your face's shape is very much within the optimal size range of the mask. However most of the high-end masks nowadays can still be spotted if looked close in. Another important aspect of improving realness is to have a very good makeup skill to blend the gap between the surrounding of your eyes and the eye-holes of the mask, which could make a huge difference.
  • Can I wear a silicone mask all-day long?
    Unlike stockings, silicone rubber is not porous. We suggest that you wearing the mask in a cool environment, such as an air-conditioned room. Although most masks have opening at mouth, nose and ears, long-term wearing is not recommanded for an average user.
  • Can I breathe normally?
    For thicker silicone masks, they won't completely fit onto your face unless glue is applied, the space in between allows air to circulate. By default there are 5mm diameter holes on the nose and ears for ventilation. We can make 10mm diameter holes upon request if you have large vital capacity. The breathing will be impaired slightly, unless it's a really thin mask with larging opening on the eyes, nose and mouth (like Creafx's and some of the DMS line). Also a half mask will be more breath-able than a full head mask.
  • Can I open my mouth with the silicone mask? by how much?
    For full head pull-over type masks, mouth movement and limited facial movement is possible. For laced back type products, you will only be able to stick your tongue out of the mask, or drink through a straw, small mouth/tongue movement will be possible once the mask is tightened, avoid forcing the mouth open widely. Some thinner models might be able to achieve a wider opening (small-dildo size, you can see the effect on the video page), however, the mask is NOT designed for intense activity (e.g. oral sex) . Although both sides of the mouth are reinforced, it won't last long for abuse.
  • Should I choose mask with integrated breast, or mask + breast separately"
    The answer is not a straight one. Mask with integrated breast looks attractive and financially cost less, but some wearer prefer wearing a separate torso breast as they find the weight of the torso create extra difficulty when put the mask ( for pull over type, laced-back design might be easier ). So if you already own a few masks, get a separate torso breast will make life easier, they can be worn with overlap with the seam not noticeable.
  • Can you customize the size of a particular product?
    Unfortunally every product developed has a fixed mould and cannot be customized in terms of size. It's important to get the right measurement of your head/body and purchase a product that will fit well.
  • How do know if a mask can fit me?
    To find out if a mask will fit, use a seamstress tape (or simply a string + ruler) to measure the circumference of your head (start between your eyebrows, go over your ears and around the back of your head back to your forehead, where a baseball cap would sit on your head.
  • How long will my silicone mask really last?
    The most accurate answer is – Many years. Silicone rubber has been rated for chemical and physical stability for over 20 years without dry rot, discoloration, or loss of elasticity. The only thing that will put wear on your mask is continual use and harsh treatment. In short, treat your mask well, follow directions, use common sense, and it will last years to come.
  • How about the makeup? and the eyelashes?
    Currently all masks in stock will be supplied with basic makeup. Makeup and eyelashes might be messed up during the shipping (rarely happens). You'll need super glue if the eyelashes get detached from the mask. You can easily DIY with normal cosmetics. Our silicone rubber is medical grade with micro-texture on the surfaces, so cosmetics works well. Many customers were able to produce fantastic result using their own styles.
  • How do I clean silicone rubber products
    Clean the inside of the product using warm soap water only, gently dry the product with a towel, do NOT expose the product in direct sunlight.
  • Can I repair a ripped mask?
    If you find a tear in your mask, it can easily be repaired by using Silicone Sealant, one recommanded type is easily availabe on amazon called Downing 732. If you want more specialized product, there is a product called silpoxymade by a company called Smooth-On. Go to and order a small tube for all your silicone repair needs. First, wash the area well with alcohol to remove any dust or oil. Then, glue the area with your silpoxy in a way that can be held in place for at least 15 mins. The mask can be handled after 30 mins, but is best not used for a few hours.
  • Do you sell any male masks?
    Yes, we have a few SFN male masks available, due to the website design space only SFN15 is shown. Contact us full a full list of SFN masks
  • Can you do a customized mask if I send you reference pictures?
    Sorry, at the moment we will not take any customization works.
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