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M26M Doris Silicon Mask Make-up Series

M26M Doris Silicon Mask Make-up Series

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The M26 Doris Silicon Mask:

As a Western girl with captivating, enigmatic eyes, she exudes sweetness, sophistication, and a captivating allure. She seems destined for the spotlight, effortlessly shining in the limelight.

The Western face, with its prominent bone structure, appears more three-dimensional. “M26 Series” are compatible and suitable for men with wide and large faces, making it suitable for most European and American men.


Mask Features:

  • All the upgrade points of M26 compared to other female mask series:
  • Reconstruct the texture of the face to restore every inch of real skin detail. Re-improved makeup protection coating, so that the surface is no longer reflective and shiny in the sunlight, making it more natural to go out.
  • The shape and the softness of the breast are optimized again, making your breast look more natural and authentic.
  • We use AI big data assistance to improve ergonomic performance, so you can wear it more comfortable, while discomfort in the actual test will be delayed by 25%. (Discomfort is only a reference value, so the feeling varies between people.)
  • The design of the lip structure has been upgraded to achieve a three-dimensional wrap in all directions, allowing the mouth to move freely without the aid of special glue.


  • M26+ Doris Make-up Plus+ Series
  • M26M Doris Make-up Series
  • M26M+ Doris Make-up Plus+ Series


Makeup Features: 

  • A combination of intense smoky and textured base makeup with purple pearl embellishment for a premium look.
  • Skin texture: Skin pursues the natural effect of skin moist and bright, and exudes a healthy and youthful luster. The Plus+ Version adds spots and pigmentation to make it more subtle and realistic.
  • Eye make-up: The eye makeup features a classic European and American smoky look that accentuates the eye contour and makes your eyes deep and attractive. By mixing different shades of eyeshadow, your eyes will be even more seductive if combined with thicker lashes.
  • Sequin embellishments: Add a touch of sparkle and mystery to your eye makeup by adding purple sequins. These sequins glow in the light and add a distinctive charm to your eyes.
  • Highlights: The cheekbones of the cheeks, the tip of the nose, and the peak of the lips are accented with highlights to accentuate your facial features. These details create a shimmering effect in the light, giving your face a more defined and radiant appearance.
  • Lip makeup: We have selected a lighter and more delicate lip color to give your lips a soft and subtle effect. Skillfully crafted lip peaks and shapes provide a fuller and more seductive appearance to your lips, showcasing your youthful energy and charm.
  • M26+ mask has its own eyebrow planting.
  • Utilizing a softer platinum silicone material, this PLUS+ Series of the mask can slightly mimic expressions like a smile to reflect your emotions.


Two Style are now available: Full head, Full head with E cup breast.

Two Size are now available: L/XL

Check dimensions carefully for fit before ordering.



Simple and fast to wear, for a quick transformation without needing any adhesive.

pictures are for documentation purposes.

Each mask is handmade by our craftsmen: little differences in coloring or eyebrows are possible and make your product unique.


Check Gallery page for more model photos.

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