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TD-2 Bodysuit

TD-2 Bodysuit

$490.00 Regular Price
$441.00Sale Price

Celes's TD suit is industrial-leading products famous for its quality and durability.

Please check size chart and recommanded wearing index (height/weight) carefully, if you have any question let us know.


Product features includes

1. Seamless, no partling line at waist

2. Thickened buttocks, no need for extra padding

3. Realistic body parts, vagina (urination channel) as option

4. Consealed zipper design, zipper on the side

5. Foam padding filling inside breasts



1.  Hair on vagina (+15$)

2.  Penetrable vagina channel* (+15$)

3.  Urination tube* (+15$)

4.  Special Gel-filled breast ( +50$ , approx +2kg shipping weight)


*If you choose to have vagina channel, the channel will be fixed internally behind the vaginal opening.

Urination tube can be used by itself. It is most comfortable to wear TD suit without accessories if you don't need either function.



1.  ALWAYS take extra care on the zipper during wearing.

2.  The material is not breathable, if you fell uncomfortable, adjust wearing time or environment

3.  Silicone rubber is compatible with people, but might not be suitable for sensitive skins.

4.  Use neutral detergent for cleaning, be careful on the nipples's painting.

5.  Remove accessories before cleaning.

6.  If the neck section is too high, you can trim it carefully using a scissor

7.  TD-1 has packaging weight of 6kg, TD-2 has a packaging weight of 8.75kg

8.  The item takes up to 7 working days to produce.  Contact us for shipping quote.


For Wearing Instructions, click SIZE CHART button on top of the page and download the PDF

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