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Push-up bra Translucent Vinyl Bunny Ita Costume 2.0 Designed By Red Thorns

Push-up bra Translucent Vinyl Bunny Ita Costume 2.0 Designed By Red Thorns

$231.00 Regular Price
$207.90Sale Price



  • Features a self-supporting chest design with the same fabric, eliminating the need for shoulder straps. The transition between semi-transparency and textured fabric.
  • The straps and hip belts are suitable for all body types.The combination of black leather and transparent PVC material,
  • The combination of black leather and transparent PVC material reveals the sexy position of the chest more clearly, shining brightly. Innovative bunny girl design makes you even sexier!

  • Resembles an Ida bag, with optional internal fabrics allowing it to transform into different styles.
  • In addition to the main body, Two types of snake / leopard print for the inner fabric are sold separately.


Regarding Bunny Girl 2.0 version:

①Improving better breast shape

②The back strap design is more tolerant to various body shapes

③Increasing elasticity in the crotch

④Inner lining fabric can be separated from the main body of the clothing, enabling two-way wearing (with or without lining).

⑤ Having a zipper design in the crotch. 



1.The measurements provided above are approximate data obtained by measuring the DLC lining of the clothing, with a possible error of 1 to 3cm. Due to limited stretching of the DLC lining fabric, there may be more stretching when wearing the clothing without the DLC lining.

2.The curvature of the chest shape cannot be changed. With a bra cup size below B, there may be a possibility of the chest appearing compressed.

3.Excessive clothing length may result in an empty space around the hips.

4.The length of the clothing is calculated from the back of the clothing to the perineum.

5.The transparent PVC material is non-elastic, resembling a film. When tightening the back rope, avoid excessive force to prevent damaging the clothing.

6.To avoid staining of the wax rope with the PVC material due to compression during storage, the packaging will separate the tied wax rope, which customers will need to thread themselves.


Clothing Instructions:


  • It is recommended to hand wash and avoid prolonged soaking. The usual cleaning methods include hand washing and dry cleaning.
  • Black leather and white leather must be stored separately to prevent them from staining each other.


Personal clothing once sold is not refundable, please carefully check the clothing scale table before purchase.

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