M22 Nina Mask Series

M22 Nina Mask Series


The new M22 Nina is the successor of highly popular M06 Haena

The newest generation of platinum silicone has been used in M22 to ensure good stretchability with higher anti-tear property


Please Make sure your measurement is within the tolerance.


Price structure for M22:

Pullover neckless: 480$

Full mask with torso: 620$

Default eyebrows are painted, implanted eyebrows available at 35$


Price structure for M22 PLIS:

Pullover neckless: 529$

Full mask with torso: 659$

All plus models come with implanted eyebrows


Suitable forehead circumference:

56 - 59cm

Suitable neck circumference:

34 - 45cm


Other dimensions:

Distance from pupil to lower jaw: 12cm

Upper chest range: 90 - 120cm

Lower chest range: 69 - 85cm



Pullover Mask: 550g

Mask with torso: 3200g


Check Gallery page for more model photos