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M22M Nina Silicone Mask Make-up Series

M22M Nina Silicone Mask Make-up Series

$625.00 Regular Price
$562.50Sale Price

The M22 Nina is special with breasts and has two cups you could choose from.

The mask features are dreamy soft touch, the skin like a real beautiful female.



M22 Nina normal version: Brand new face design.Make the face fuller facial features.

M22M Nina makeup version: Hand-planted eyebrow design.Makes every eyebrow come alive.

Excellent wearing comfort.

M22G Goddess special make-up version: Open eyes design makes the eyes more real.Like real girl and distinct.



Three sizes are now available, full head, full head with B cup breast, and, full head with E cup breast.

See the gallery for comparison photos.

Check dimensions carefully for fit before ordering.



Simple and fast to wear, for a quick transformation without needing any adhesive.

pictures are for documentation purposes.

Each mask is handmade by our craftsmen: little differences in coloring or eyebrows are possible and make your product unique.


Check Gallery page for more model photos.

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