M20 Lilly Mask Series

M20 Lilly Mask Series


The new M20 series defines a new generation of photogenic doll-mask

The material is not as stretchable so it will maintain the shape of the original sculpture


Please Make sure your measurement is within the tolerance.

The mask has realistic fake eyes, eye colour options are:

Brown-black, Blue and Green


Price structure for M20:

Half face: 350$

Full head with laced back: 445$

Full head with zipper: 445$


Default eyebrows are painted, implanted eyebrows available at 35$


Suitable forehead circumference:

Half mask: 55 - 63cm

Full head mask (laced back): 55 - 63cm

Full head mask (zipper): 55 - 58cm


Other dimensions:

Eye-pupil-distance: 7.5cm

Distance from pupil to lower jaw: 12.5cm


Check Gallery page for more model photos