M18 Violet full head mask

M18 Violet full head mask


The M18 Violet mask has further evolved after popular M08 Poppy.


The mask has removable eye pieces that offer different style of masking.

There will be eye holes of approx 5mm after removal of the fake eyes for vision.


Check dimensions carefully for fit before order. (eye holes distance, etc)


Similar to M08, the M18 offers differenct combination


Pricing structure

  • Pullover - Through: 460$
  • Pullover - Ballgag: 480$
  • Laced back - Through: 480$
  • Laced back - Ballgag: 500$
  • Laced back - Deep throat (longer mouth piece, 10cm): 530$


Additional beauty makeup option: 50$

See more photos here 



Suitable head circumference:

55 - 60 cm (pullover)

55 - 64 cm (laced-back)


Mouth opening range: 2 - 3.5cm

Mask weight: 700g


See photo gallery for full details and dimensions.