M16 PLUS Hebe Mask

M16 PLUS Hebe Mask


The M16 PLUS Hebe mask models has improved material texture and elasticity compared to the standard M16 models.


All plus models come with implanted eyebrows


Check dimensions carefully for fit before order. (eye holes distance, etc)

For even better result you can consider using SFX glue


Three makeup level are available

  • Clean: only lips are lightly coloured, user can apply rest of the makeup of their own
  • Normal: similar to normal makeup on standard version
  • Heavy: similar to heavy makeup on standard version


Pricing structure

  • Neckless - Clean: 499$
  • Neckless - Normal: 529$
  • Neckless - Heavy: 629$
  • With torso - Clean: 589$
  • With torso - Normal: 659$
  • With torso - Heavy: 729$


See photo gallery for full details and dimensions.