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M08 Poppy Desire Mask Regular Version

M08 Poppy Desire Mask Regular Version

$516.00 Regular Price
$464.40Sale Price

The M08 Poppy mask's separate head design doesn't have a neck. Full head and tie ropes are available and fit on different head circumferences.

The mask has a realistic full lip, forced to open the mouth, sexy as ever.



M08B Black full head mask: Black silicon beauty, perfect fit on your latex suit.

Full head mask with open mouth: One-piece fake eye, open the hold at the pupil.

Vampire makeup version: The Makeup version is carefully drawn by a professional makeup artist, creating a unique sexy vampire look.

M08G Goddess special makeup: Pure makeup just like you are the goddess. For a special day.



Two sizes are now available

See the gallery for comparison photos.

It has a little hole that you can see through outside.



Simple and fast to wear, for a quick transformation without needing any adhesive.

Pictures are for documentation purposes.

Each mask is handmade by our craftsmen: little differences in coloring or eyebrows are possible and make your product unique.


Check Gallery page for more model photos.

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