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V15 Elf Hips with Vaginal

V15 Elf Hips with Vaginal

$888.00 Regular Price
$799.20Sale Price

Elf Hips with Vaginal

  • The hip skin is realistic and resilient. You will feel friction and irritation caused by the vaginal structure inside.
  • It's a little longer and more delicate than lovers' hips and is beautiful with long stockings.
  • The oriental female body line design can perfectly match B13 Perfect Breast.
  • The unique design tube can wrap the penis and easy to pee through the tube hole.
  • The new anus design makes the hips more realistic.



  • Normal version
  • Masturbator
  • Normal version with pubic hair
  • Masturbator with pubic hair

(Additional fee for hand-planted pubic hair)


  • Style: Busty fake hips
  • Color: Asian skin color
  • Material: Platinum Silicone
  • Thickness: 3mm-5mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Product extensibility: ★★★★
  • Tear resistance: ★★★★


Waistline: 60-93cm

Hip circumference: 84-107cm

Thigh circumference: 35-67cm

Overall vertical length: 62cm



Please make sure the body data is near to the picture. If your data is smaller than the picture, the hips will look loose when you wear it.


  1. This product is not supported by a return service.
  2. The wearing effect depend on the person. It’s very normal and will have a little different from the model. But we reject to refund of this reason.
  3. The model picture that you see does not include a wig, mask, and clothes.

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