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D03 Jade Skin Silicone Bodysuit

D03 Jade Skin Silicone Bodysuit

$1,044.00 Regular Price
$939.60Sale Price

New technology, to restore real skin


Product features:

  • Higher elasticity, skin-friendly silicone material for a wonderful experience of easily transforming into an exquisite body.
  • Perfectly match with the special edition mask, both products can synchronize skin tones for a seamless transformation.



Available Skin Tones:

3 Skin Tone Options: Fair, Natural, Bronze.

Multiple skin tone options to easily adapt to different scenarios and roles, meeting various needs.


Detailed features:


  • Soft and light skin feel with a stronger wrapping, easily transforming into an exquisite body.
  • Detailed skin texture with clearly visible veins and spots.
  • Refined collarbone with enhanced 3D lines for added sexiness.
  • Multiple skin tones to suit various characters, avoiding color mismatch.
  • Waterdrop breast shape, soft and bouncy, with distinct buttock lines for a realistic touch.
  • Realistic appearance and soft touch, closer to a real experience.
  • Sexy navel showing seductive details.
  • Simulated internal structure for easy wearing and handling of liquid output.
  • Based on Oriental female curves, with plump hips and slender long legs..
  • Highly stretchable, fits various body types, resistant to deformation, and easy to wear.



Technical details:

  • Seamless stitching technology eliminates all flaws and shows your perfect self.
  • The gradual thinning process reduces the abrupt edges and maximizes wearing comfort.


Material Versions Differences:

  • Basic Version:

Clear skin feel and realistic texture, sculpting a sexy Oriental female body with plump hips and waist, a cost-effective choice for beginners.

Plump hips and chest: √

Skin texture: √

No seam lines: ×

Capillary spots: ×


  • Normal Version:

No seam lines on the outside, better integration, achieving a nearly flawless transformation.

Plump hips and chest: √

Skin texture: √

No seam lines: √

Capillary spots: ×


  • Premium Version:

Additional spot and capillary details for a perfect transformation. Perfectly match with the special edition mask, the realistic integration is even better!

Plump hips and chest: √

Skin texture: √

No seam lines: √

Capillary spots: √


Applicable scene:

  • Cosplay: This is the only step away from restoration.
  • Outdoor: Natural and authentic, easy and stress-free travel.
  • Live streaming: Show off your own excitement.
  • Latex outfit: At this moment, the light focuses on me.
  • Zentai matching: Enjoy perfect body curves.
  • Summer swimwear: Real and flawless, wear whatever you want.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Dreammask

Product Name: Jade Skin Silicone Bodysuit

Model Number: D03

Category: Transformation Series

Versions: Basic, Normal, Premium

Thickness: 2mm

Weight: Varies by size, refer to the size chart

 (Measurement methods may vary with a possible error of 50g-150g)

Material: Food-grade platinum silicone

Softness: Soft and skin-friendly, highly elastic, heat and cold resistant, not prone to deformation or yellowing, long-lasting


Size Chart:

Full Length: 150cm

Neck Circumference: 29cm

Shoulder Width: 33cm

Upper Chest Circumference: 95cm

Lower Chest Circumference: 70cm

Waist Circumference: 61cm

Internal Waist Circumference: 59cm

Hip Circumference: 98cm

Internal Hip Circumference: 92cm

Leg Circumference: 50cm

Internal Leg Circumference: 48cm

Sleeve Length: 57cm

Sleeve Cuff: 14cm

Ankle Cuff: 17cm

Weight: 8.3kg

Thickest Part (Hip/Waist Area): 6cm


Tips: Please make sure the body measurement is near to the picture. If there is not too much difference.

The above dimensions are measured manually and may have an error of size ±2cm. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.


This product is not supported by a return service.

Please make sure your data is within the picture data.

The model picture that you see does not include a wig and clothes.

Skin Color

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