Risa Doll Kigurumi Mask

Risa Doll Kigurumi Mask


Risa Product Introduction


  • The face of this Kigurumi Mask is made very similar to Dollfie Dream ,more cute than the normal quadratic element Kigurumi Mask.
  • The mouth is close design but you can use the mouse sticker to change the mouth shape.
  • That you can act as a doll you like and act as your favorite character.
  • Half face, laced back, easy to put on and off.
  • Official makeup include makeup stickers that could match according to your needs.
  • Official makeup also include paper eyes, you can cut from the middle and trim the edges then use  eye mud stick on the see socket.


Production Information


  • Accessory : Sponge cleaning block*1, elastic band*1 ,sponge pad with big and small size*1 ,eye mud*1 ,long velcro*1, mother and child tticker*1
  • Peripheral gift:bddoll card*1, mirror*1, pendant*1
  • Mouth sticker selection:13 different emoji


*The Kigurumi Mask is hard and couldn't stretch ,please make sure your head measurement according to the picture data before you place the order.

If you still can’t make sure your measurement ,you'd better tell us your gender ,height and weight to make judgments.


Zentai Recommended


ZD01 - Silicone skin upgrade version


Precautions Before Purchase


We don't support return and exchange for seven days without reason. If there is no quality problem, we refuse to accept the return behavior caused by personal factors such as subjective thinking that the product is not the same as imagined, not good enough, and not optimistic about the size. As most of the production processes need to be completed by hand, there may be unavoidable hand marks (such as a little asymmetric and even makeup, glue marks). If you mind, please consider carefully. Before each product is delivered, we will carefully check and send it. If any damage or omission is found after receiving the product, please contact the customer service within 48 hours after signing.


About Storage


Avoid frequent contact and friction to the make up of the product. It should be placed in the packing box for protection after each use, also avoid direct sunlight, away from high heat source, acid-base and corrosive solvent. Pay attention to the bumping position such as nose tip or product edge, and avoid paint dropping or scratching.


About The Safety of Wearing


Customers who first contact the product may have a short period of dyspnea or heat. They need to adapt for a while. If the situation is not improved, please remove the product for your personal safety. The product's eyes are opaque glass composite materials, which can not be seen outside through the eyes. Special windows are opened on the upper part of the orbital. They are observed through the windows after wearing. The vision will be limited. Please ensure that you are in a safe environment and do not attempt to do dangerous actions.




  • Price include shipping fee.
  • More question please email to : cs_en@dreammask.net
  • Once sold, product return or replacement is not acceptable without quality problem of the personal items.
  • Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may beslightly different from the pictures. Please understand.
  • If there is no quality issues, we are not allowed any return orrefund.If you want to cancel the order, please email us:cs_ en@dreammask.net immediately after you purchase.