M12 Hathaway Mask

M12 Hathaway Mask


M12 Hathaway mask is specifically designed for larger male size head.

The mask also fit better for customers who don't have a feminine face shape.


Note the maximun head circumference suitable for this mask is 62cm.


The mask features realistic texture and a light pre-applied, high quality makeup.

[Default light makeup is the same as shown on product display photos, as well as white shirt girl photos]


A heavy makeup option is available 60$

[ Black and red dressed model pictures in the gallery ]


Like M06, default version has painted eyebrows, and optional implanted eyebrows will cost be +35$


Check dimensions carefully for fit before order. (eye holes distance, etc)

For even better result you can consider using SFX glue


See photo gallery for full details and dimensions.


As this is a new product which is popular, the dispatch time could be 1 - 2 weeks