M06B V2 HAENA Mask


M06B V2 Haena is without torso.

All dimensions of the mask remain the same as M06 V2 mask.

V2 has seen overall improvement over V1 in terms of contour and sculpture.


The mask features a very stretchable silicone rubber that can fit a normal to relatively large male head size

(natural form at 55cm head circumference, and fit comfortably up to 61cm ) . Also featuring pre-applied high quality standard makeup.


*Photo shown by model Qing who has a head circumference of 55cm.


Check dimensions carefully for fit before order. (eye holes distance, etc)

For even better result you can consider using SFX glue


Additional option:

Implanted eyebrows: 35$ (default eyebrows are painted)

Special Beauty makeup: 50$ (see Makeup gallery for more pictures)

Special Goddess makeup: 50$ (see Makeup gallery for more pictures)


See photo gallery for full details and dimensions.


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