G-2 Female glove

G-2 Female glove

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SG-2, featuring smoother, unpainted surface, The parting line is visible.

SG-3, featuring more realistic texture, painted and with invisible parting line.



1.  White nails are included but not attached, due to shipping regulation we can't include any glues. You need to prepare your own (e.g. Silicone Sealant Glue). Also you can use other false nails of your own.

2.  Both Gloves are arm-length, can match TD-suit nicely. The gloves are design to snug fit and offers great movement with flexible material.

3.  Use some Talc (Baby Powder) over your hand/wrist before wearing the glove to make it easy to put on. When taking off, roll the sleeve back, lose the fingers and carefully remove the glove, don't force it or it could damage the product or causing injury.


Refer to the size chart

Dimension C can expand additional 5cm

Dimension D can expand addtional 3cm