AV-1 Transformation panties

AV-1 Transformation panties


AV-1 S, fit waist 69 -124cm (maximum stretch), Recommanded range: 69 - 85cm

AV-1 M,  fit waist 81 - 140cm (maximum stretch), Recommanded range: 86 - 140cm


Optional accessories:

1. Public hair (+15$)

2. Urination tube (+15$)


Please meausre your size accordingly, the panties has certain flexibility.

f your measurement is smaller than the ones in size chart, it might get loose.

If your measurement falls in between the range of S and M, S would give a tighter feel.

It is recommanded to get the small one



Wear it like normal panties. There is spaces for genitals, but might not be suitable for everyone. Erection would effect the appearance of the product, but won't be as visible as cotton panties. You can also wear tights or normal panties for improved visual result.

Urination accessory (if purchased) can be applied like a condom. Soft pipe at one end can be inserted into the hole of the panties, cut excess part with scissors. Do not press or fold the pipe or it will block the pathway.

For cleaning, use neutral detergent. Do not scratch or pull the hairs. Air dry after cleaning, baby powders can be used to achieve a smooth surface. For storage, do not fold or put any weight on it.